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Bumper Pull Enclosed Automobile Trailers:

Our Aluminum Enclosed Automotive Bumper Pull Trailer uses the advantage of specially designed aluminum extrusions with unitized and welded construction. This gives you a totally unique trailer that is built stronger than others on the market. Whether you choose a bumper pull or a gooseneck Aluminum Enclosed Automobile Trailer, when you choose us you are buying unmatched quality, strength, and lifelong value not found in other trailers.

Our Aluminum Enclosed Automotive Bumper Pull Trailer comes in models up to 32’ in length. From floor to roof we offer greater durability and longer life. All trailers are built to meet your needs today and long into the future. Built with durability in mind, this is a true lifetime trailer.

Click on the “Standard Features & Options” tab to check out how we can customize an Enclosed Automotive Bumper Pull Trailer to meet your needs. We have a knowledgeable sales staff on hand that would be happy to assist you.



Canada-America Manufacturing Alliance

Los Angeles, CA; Fresno, CA; Dallas, TX

Vancouver, B.C.; Phoenix, AZ

Within USA & Canada: 1-855-35-TRUCK (8-7825) Telephone

1-855-358-7825 Telephone

1-425-460-7004 Facsimile

We Deliver Worldwide

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