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Dual-line Cargo Trailers:

We proudly introduce the latest addition to our trailer line up. The new All Aluminum Dual-Line Enclosed Cargo Trailer is specifically designed for individuals who would like an enclosed trailer, but at the same time, also need an open utility trailer. We solve this by offering two trailers in one. The Dual Line Enclosed Trailer is a must have and the most affordable trailer on the market. Efficient and Economical!

The Dual-Line Enclosed Cargo Trailer is built using light weight aluminum. You simply unlatch the top, tilt the trailer deck, and slide the top cargo unit off. Your open utility trailer is now ready to load. When you need to attach the top, secure the winch strap to the top and winch your top in place, latch it to the frame of the trailer and your ready to go. Designed as a one person, 5 minute, operation, the top has easy sliding Teflon strips.

Even though we have a long list of standard features our ability to customize in unmatched!



Canada-America Manufacturing Alliance

Los Angeles, CA; Fresno, CA; Dallas, TX

Vancouver, B.C.; Phoenix, AZ

Within USA & Canada: 1-855-35-TRUCK (8-7825) Telephone

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