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Showmaster Full Height Livestock Trailers:

The Showmaster Full Height Aluminum Livestock Trailer is just the ticket for the person who needs to transport livestock but doesn't need a big rig to do it. All aluminum Showmaster Livestock Trailers are bumper pulls, making it simple to hook up and move around most any livestock one can think of. Ideal for the small farmer, showman or hobby farmer that needs an efficient and first class unit.Our Showmaster Full Height Aluminum Livestock Trailer is designed for your medium-duty hauling needs. Standard side height is 6 foot, with optional heights up to 7 foot. The Showmaster Full Height Trailer comes standard with an aerodynamic front, diamond plate rock guard, side escape door and center partition gate. Other standard features include full opening back endgate with side-by door, one inside dome light, and easy latch hold backs on all doors and dividers. Even though we offer a long list of standard features, our ability to customize your aluminum showmaster trailer is unmatched.



Canada-America Manufacturing Alliance

Los Angeles, CA; Fresno, CA; Dallas, TX

Vancouver, B.C.; Phoenix, AZ

Within USA & Canada: 1-855-35-TRUCK (8-7825) Telephone

1-855-358-7825 Telephone

1-425-460-7004 Facsimile

We Deliver Worldwide

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