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Available Tire Sizes:

Heavy Truck Tires

22.5 Inch Rim Size Drive Tire              Download Brochure

22.5 Inch Rim Size Steer Tire              Download Brochure

22.5 Inch Rim Size All Position Tire     Download Brochure

24.5 Inch Rim Size                              Download Brochure

American Transportation Products manufactures its own tire products, and also manufactures other name brand tires under contract. We manufacture ONLY Grade AA/A or Tier I tires using 100% new virgin rubber, carbon black and steel (NO recycled materials whatsoever); we back this up with the absolute BEST warranty in the industry (see below). The below pricing is FACTORY DIRECT pricing per container. MSRP pricing per tire on our tires and those we manufacture for others ranges from $500.00 to $800.00 and up.

Pricing Per Tire Per Container:

  • Call For Pricing Per Tire (Pre-Paid/Full Container)
  • Call For Pricing Per Tire (50% Deposit/Full Container)
  • Call For Pricing Per Tire (COD Accounts/Full Container)
  • Call For Pricing Per Tire (30 Day Term Accounts)
  • Call For Pricing Per Tire (Deposit/COD/Etc.)

"We Stand Behind Our Tires"



The following contains important warranty information which you must have in order to obtain a warranty or adjustment.

Who Is Eligible:

You are eligible for the benefits of this warranty if:

  • You are the owner of the new TRANSPORTATION KING medium radial truck tires, and
  • Your tires bear Department of Transportation-prescribed tire identification
    numbers and are not branded "NA" (Not Adjustable) or "Blem" (Blemish), and
  • Your TRANSPORTATION KING truck tires have been used only on the vehicle on which
    they were originally installed according to the vehicle manufacturer's or tire

    manufacturer's recommendations, and

What Is Covered And For How Long:

  • Free Tire Replacement: TRANSPORTATION KING truck tires covered by this warranty
    that become unserviceable due to a defect in workmanship or material during the
    first 2/32nds of usable tread wear or twelve (12) months from date of purchase,
    whichever comes first, will be replaced with a comparable new TRANSPORTATION KING
    tire without charge. You pay only for the mounting and balancing. (Without proof of
    purchase, date of manufacture will be used to determine age.)

  • Pro-Rated Tire Replacement: Tires worn beyond the first 2/32nds of usable tread,

    or are more than 12 months from date of purchase, whichever comes first, that

    become unserviceable due to a defect in workmanship or material will be replaced

    on a prorated basis. You are responsible for mounting and balancing charges.

  • How Will Pro-Rated Charges Be Calculated: The replacement price will be

    calculated by multiplying the current TRANSPORTATION KING original tread that has

    been worn off at the time of adjustment. The cost of mounting, balancing, and

    other service charges, disposal fees, or applicable taxes are payable by you.

  • What Is A Comparable Tire: A "comparable" new TRANSPORTATION KING tire may either

    be the same line of tire or, in the event that the tire is not available, a tire of the

    same basic construction and quality with a different sidewall or tread design. If a

    higher-priced tire is accepted as replacement, the difference in price will be at an

    additional charge to you. Any replacement tire provided pursuant to this warranty

    will be covered by the new TRANSPORTATION KING radial truck tire warranty in effect

    at the time of replacement.

What Is Not Covered By This Warranty:
  • Tires branded or marked "Non-adjustable (N/A)," or "Blemished (Blem)," or that 
    have been previously adjusted.

  • Irregular wear or tire damage due to:

  • Road Hazards (including punctures, cuts, snags, impact breaks, etc.).

  • Wreck, collision, fire, or vandalism.

  • Improper inflation, overloading, misapplication, misuse, negligence, high-speed
    tire spinning, chain damage, or improper mounting or dismounting.

  • Mechanical condition of the vehicle, including misalignment, wheel imbalance,
    or faulty shocks or brakes.

  • A Tire that is damaged/failed due to off-road use.

  • A Tire transferred from the vehicle on which they were originally installed.

  • Loss of time, inconvenience, loss of use of vehicle or consequential damage.

  • Any Tires used on any emergency response vehicle.

  • Ride disturbance after the first 2/32" of treadwear or due to damaged wheels
    or any vehicle condition.

  • Ozone or weather cracking on tires over four (4) years from the date of 

  • Alteration of the tire or addition of alien material or transfer from one vehicle 
    to another.

  • Loss of time or use inconvenience, or any incidental or consequential damages.

  • Tire use outside Continental United States.

Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply.

What Is The Radial Casing Warranty:

Casing of TRANSPORTATION KING radial truck tires are warranted when the tire becomes unserviceable or unretreaded ATP will provide predetermined casing allowance.

  • Casing warranty is valid during the 2nd retreaded life or for three (3) years from
    thee date of manufacture, whichever comes first.

  • Tires used in mining & logging service are not covered under this warranty.

  • Casing & retreading allowance are as follows:

Size:                                                                              Casing Allowance:    

295/75R22.5                                                                            $10.00

11R/22.5                                                                                 $10.00

285/75R24.5                                                                            $10.00

11R/24.5                                                                                 $10.00

When Does The Warranty End:

A tire has delivered its full original tread life and the new tire coverage of this warranty ends when the tread wear indicators become visible, or five (5) years from the date of original tire manufacture or new tire purchase date (without proof of purchase, date of manufacture will be used to determine age).

How Do You Obtain An Adjustment:

In order to be eligible for ATP Limited Warranty service, the owner must:

  • Present the adjusted tire to an ATP, and

  • Present proof of purchase (if applicable) to ATP, and

  • Complete and sign an ATP Warranty Claim Form, and

  • Pay the amount due on a new tire, less the amount of credit, including taxes,
    mounting and balancing charges, or cost of other services ordered.



Canada-America Manufacturing Alliance

Los Angeles, CA; Fresno, CA; Dallas, TX

Vancouver, B.C.; Phoenix, AZ

Within USA & Canada: 1-855-35-TRUCK (8-7825) Telephone

1-855-358-7825 Telephone

1-425-460-7004 Facsimile

We Deliver Worldwide

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